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At Green Bodhi we're committed in teaching the technique of Intentional Horticulture. Bringing a methodology based in the integration of compassion and wisdom, with a high level of horticultural techniques and organic nutrients, we're devoted to awakening your garden.

We feel by refining our perspective through contemplative science, combined with balancing our motivation to benefit others, our garden can blossom in a unique way of healing. Through skillful means and a relation in caring for wisdom plants, we can start to uncover the links of dependence between ourselves, the garden and ultimately all things.

By developing a deeper understanding in feeling, awareness and motivation, our horticultural experience becomes more rich and meaningful. A mirror-like wisdom that not only transforms our garden and its fruits, but more importantly, our minds and the experience we have in the process.

An ancient knowledge giving innovative results, we can help you develop the skills to grow your potential.



There are countless techniques to a balanced and healthy garden. Our method to bring maximum potential to your horticultural experience isn't only focused on your garden, it's equally focused on discovering ourselves in the process. By developing the awareness of our minds and actions, we can develop the maximum potential of our gardens and their value.

What does this mean really? It means by observing our mind through contemplative awareness based in generosity, ethics, patience, diligence, compassion, concentration and wisdom, the possibilities are limitless. By focusing on a motivation of helping others, we actually start to get somewhere meaningful. This is the basis for our methodology, "Intentional Horticulture" is what it is. By utilizing the highest quality organics in the industry, combined with mind training and contemplative techniques from one of the most compassionate philosophical systems, the results are unparalleled.

With a balanced intention, motivated in helping others, we loosen our mind from the selfish nature that can so often hold us back. By integrating a motivation grounded in compassion, with mind training techniques based in altruism, the limitations of self begin to dissolve. When the dissolution is happening the results speak for themselves. From a healthier and more vigorous garden, with higher yields, to a more clear and balanced experience of living, we can truly make a difference when every little bit counts. We have numerous programs to fit your horticultural needs and levels.

We can structure unique systems depending on your application, or give step by step programs that have been field tested and proven for their success. Combining a unique blend of premium organic nutrients, soil, beneficial inoculates and mycorrhizae, with hands on personal instructions in application and methodology, our techniques speak for themselves by the results which manifest. Along with working with reputed laboratories to get maximum awareness of these results, our program doesn't leave anything unaccounted for. Come discover the methods to unlocking your gardens potential.

10% of profits go to charitable projects and individuals worldwide for a more conscious and sustainable future